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Flush Fit Connector For Truguard Fence Spikes

Flush-Fit Connector

The Flush-Fit™ Connector is TruGuard’s proprietary, nylon push fit joint engineered for an easy, quick and secure installation.

Injection moulded in a UV resistant nylon, the Flush-Fit™ connector is used to join multiple TruGuard shafts in order to form long runs. Featuring a steel core, the Flush-Fit™ Connector also acts to increase resistance to attack by lateral forces.

Unrivalled by other systems in its simple to use and secure connection, the design of the Flush-Fit™ Connector ensures it taps into place with an equal interlock at every joint. The alternative use of a split pin requires the use of mole grips and a hammer to force the product in position, making installation awkward and offering no integrity at the joint. 

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Our clients have been extremely happy with their TruGuard installation and reported that breaches along the boundary protected with TruGuard have now stopped.

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