Make your premises safe & secure using anti-climb spike fencing

Whether deterrent or security, TruGuard works to prevent any unauthorised access to property or premises susceptible to trespass, theft or vandalism.

Celebrating over 100 years in the metal industry, for the last 15 years, Righton Blackburns have also produced anti climb guards for the perimeter security industry. We are a customer service business backed by a legacy of manufacturing and technical support in all things non-ferrous.

TruGuard rotating anti climb systems offer long lasting, maintenance free performance and peace of mind helping industry professionals and property owners make the right security decisions. Manufactured in the UK and with our in-house sales team available to answer any questions you may have, why go anywhere else for your perimeter security?

Security Fencing

Works well with all security fencing

Our anti climb guards are built to work well with all perimeter security; walls, gates, palisade fencing and even lightweight mesh fencing. TruGuard delivers anti climb perimeter security with an unrivalled easy and fast installation; ideal for any property or premises susceptible to trespass, theft or vandalism.
See TruGuard in use.

Tree Variant

Available in three variants

Serving the needs of the perimeter security market, we can offer same day despatch of TruGuard in the standard bright mill, corrosion resistant alloy with stainless steel and a powder coated colour range available to order in any RAL reference.

Big impact

Small change. Big impact.

Listening to the needs of our customers, you wanted TruGuard installation super quick and easy so we engineered the Flush-Fit™ connector. Unrivalled in its ease of installation our proprietary Flush-Fit™ system also works just as well to ensure an equal contact and secure interlock at every joint. No other system comes close in its ease of installation saving you valuable time on site. See just how easy and secure Truguard is.

Tried and Trusted.
Success stories powered by TruGuard

  • The quality of product, service, and technical knowledge ensured we met our clients specific requirements while adhering to strict delivery dates. Our Account Manager has offered guidance throughout, ensuring the interface between our Lochrin Combi™ Palisade and TruGuard Anti Climb resulted in an enhanced security solution for our client. LOCHRIN BAIN

  • Boundary Services Ltd has installed the TruGuard Anti climb system to a number of client sites now. This system offers a substantial protective barrier on top of or along any boundary fence, building or wall and each of one our clients has been extremely happy and reported that breaches along the boundary protected with TruGuard have now stopped. BOUNDARY SERVICES

  • We were tasked to secure a vulnerable building in a compressed timescale. Our account manager answered all our questions and expedited the whole process to get the product on site within the same week. The TruGuard system was the perfect solution for our customer and being maintenance free will remain clearly visible as a deterrent for years to come. SAFESITE FENCING

Our clients have been extremely happy with their TruGuard installation and reported that breaches along the boundary protected with TruGuard have now stopped.

Boundary Services