Commercial Perimeter Security Anti-Climb Fence Spikes

For commercial, industrial, utility, transport, prisons and schools or any location susceptible to trespass, vandalism or theft.


School perimeter security

School premises are notoriously
susceptible to vandalism and theft, particularly as they remain unoccupied for sustained periods of time.


Airport perimeter security

While security checkpoints inside an
airport terminal are extensive, a breach of airport perimeter security risks aviation assets and trespass onto the runway.


Prison Security Fencing

Prisons harden the perimeter to keep people from breaching its security with history showing that prisons are only ever as secure as their perimeter.


Industrial Fence Spikes

Some industrial premises can be susceptible to vandalism and theft and in particular, those that stock high value
items and are unoccupied at weekends.


Schools Security Fencing

Utility companies restrict access to substations, switchyards and pylons
due to the dangers present which can include life threatening injuries.


Rail Security

Trespass within the railway environment
can result in serious risk to life and obstacles or damaged track could derail a train with catastrophic consequences.

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Our clients have been extremely happy with their TruGuard installation and reported that breaches along the boundary protected with TruGuard have now stopped.

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