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Visit us at IFSEC 2020Truguard - 24/01/2019

Come and see how TruGuard works to prevent any unauthorised access to property or premises susceptible to trespass, theft or vandalism. Visit us on stand No: IF1240 FSEC ...

Securing a Railway Station in East London

Truguard - 24 Sep 2019

Truguard Rotating Anti-climb System was used to secure a train station in east London. The brief for the contractor was to secure the station and to take the view of residents who overlooked the station, who requested a product that was aesthetically pleasing compared...

Polyester powder coated rotating anti-climb system

Truguard - 28 Jun 2019

We showed TruGuard’s versatility in displaying our polyester powder coated anti-climb system in a selection of colours, suiting our clients' varying requirements. Visitors from all over the world attended IFSEC 2019 - one of the largest security & fire prevention sh...


Truguard - 14 Jun 2019

IFSEC International is UK and Europe's leading security event. Come and see TruGuard at the IFSEC 2019 Exhibition held at the EXCEL centre London on the 18,19 & 20 June. Stand No: IF444...

Navigating the legislative requirements of Perimeter Security

Truguard - 24 Jan 2019

When I ask Google "is it a legal requirement to protect trespassers on my property?” I get 3,380,000 answers. Don’t know where to start? Don’t understand your obligations? If you own property that is unoccupied or susceptible to trespass, theft or vandalism it’s imperat...

Full Support

Truguard - 24 Oct 2018

We offer a full range of fixings and supports whether TruGuard is being fitted to security fences, gates or walls. While our base plate supports are specifically for fitting to the top of walls and the straight supports enable the rotating anti climb guard to be fitted ...

Subtle Security Solution?

Truguard - 15 Aug 2018

While many security professionals specify TruGuard for its deterrent effect as well as its effectiveness, some environments require a more subtle security solution. While TruGuard would not seem the obvious answer with this requirement in mind, there are ways to 'soften...

See us on Made In Britain

Truguard - 27 Jul 2018

The Made in Britain campaign have migrated over to a new Directory system giving manufacturer companies the opportunity to add more product content, images and video to showcase their products. Represented on the Made in Britain site in the Building and Construction sec...

Relocating production to our Special Products Division

Truguard - 19 Jul 2018

Assembling a team to develop the business and a change of location has offered the most promising path to growth for the TruGuard rotating anti climb guard. Why does the location matter? A number of reasons are typically cited for moving the operations of a business an...

Truguard enjoys successful debut at IFSEC

Truguard - 25 Jun 2018

TruGuard was recently promoted at IFSEC 2018, Europe's largest and long established security exhibition held annually at ExCeL London. Reaching out to a large target market in one go, IFSEC proved to be an effective marketing platform for TruGuard, improving product awa...

Truguard to showcase at IFSEC

Truguard - 15 Jun 2018

IFSEC International is Europe's largest and longest standing security event with 27,000 security professionals expected through the doors at the ExCeL London. Represented by every vertical within this diverse industry, TruGuard is showcasing its product as a first time ...

Truguard shipping in green or any RAL colour

Truguard - 23 Mar 2016

TruGuard authorised distributor, Procter Fencing Systems can offer the expertise and support for all perimeter security projects. With more than 100 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of security fencing and gates, Procter's offer an end-to-end...

Truguard debuts at Buildex Vancouver

Truguard - 07 Mar 2016

Over two days in February, TruGuard debuted at Buildex Vancouver, Western Canada's largest tradeshow and conference for the construction, renovation, architecture and property management industries. The tradeshow proved a huge success with over 14,000 visitors packed in...

Your responsibility under Law when Protecting Premises

Truguard - 05 Feb 2016

Broken glass, spikes, razor wire and barbed wire can form mantraps which present a hazard and can be dangerous even to people working legitimately nearby. As they are classed as injurious products, according to The Occupiers' Liability Act 1984 the owner of the premises...

Why Security Professionals Love Truguard

Truguard - 07 Jan 2016

TruGuard speaks the universal language of deterrent. While many different security methods proliferate based on either prevention or detection, the visual communication of deterrent works for both and can be the most effective method of security. Empirical research on d...

Prevention or Detection?

Truguard - 07 Dec 2015

Many verticals included in the critical national infrastructure (CNI), commercial and industrial sites have many miles of perimeter fencing but not all of that is frequently patrolled or can always be in the scope of CCTV cameras. The development of technology solutions...

Truguard enjoy a successful TRANSEC

Truguard - 03 Dec 2015

The TruGuard team have just come away from London Olympia, the venue for the 13th Transport Security Expo with nothing unlucky about an eventful few days. Never has a show been more topical and with airport level security to first enter the exhibition, it proved to be f...

See Truguard on display at TRANSEC

Truguard - 27 Nov 2015

TruGuard will be on show at the Transport Security Expo (Transec), the main global platform bringing Government, Industry and Academia together to counter the threat against our transportation networks. Exhibiting on 2-3 December in conjunction with TruGuard distributor...

8 reasons to select Truguard

Truguard - 12 Nov 2015

The Harvard Business Review article, Competing on the Eight Dimensions of Quality, proposed that companies know they have to improve the quality of their products because, alas, customers have told them so. The suggestion was that few companies had learned to compete on...

Why choose us?

Truguard - 06 Nov 2015

TruGuard makes perimeter security easy, preventing crime or delinquency by deterring the perpetrator or through its effectiveness as an unstable barrier to prevent any unauthorised access. No one offers more help.Added to the functionality of the system itself, we prid...


For commercial, industrial, utility, transport, prisons and schools or any location susceptible to trespass, vandalism or theft.

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