Domestic Security Fencing

Annually, domestic burglaries cost the nation £2.9bn. Protecting property using TruGuard provides increased security. Furthermore, TruGuard is classed as a non-injurious solution to perimeter security unlike barbed wire, razor tape or broken glass which can fall foul of The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984.

Perimeter Fencing & Walls

Perimeter Security

TruGuard is approved for use at a height of 1.8m, in-line with domestic fencing and walls, as opposed to 2.4m required for barbed wire and the like.

Security Gates


Being lightweight, TruGuard can be mounted to security gates without affecting opening, closing or automation and can be supplied in colours.

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Our clients have been extremely happy with their TruGuard installation and reported that breaches along the boundary protected with TruGuard have now stopped.

Boundary Services