Truguard Anti Climb Security Fencing
Rotating Anti-climb Security System

8 reasons to select Truguard

The Harvard Business Review article, Competing on the Eight Dimensions of Quality, proposed that companies know they have to improve the quality of their products because, alas, customers have told them so. The suggestion was that few companies had learned to compete on quality with the principles of quality control often defensive and narrow in scope, focused on eliminating defects. The article continued to advocate for the use of high quality as a competitive linchpin.

At TruGuard, high quality means pleasing customers, not protecting customers from frustration and to this end we have engineered TruGuard along the eight dimensions of product quality prescribed by the review:

TruGuard acts as a psychological as well as physical barrier. Both achieve the desired result; to prevent any unauthorised access to property or premises susceptible to crime or delinquency. A freely rotating anti climb guard, TruGuard creates an unstable barrier at the top of a perimeter security gate, fence or wall preventing the intruder gaining a stable foothold.

A secondary aspect of performance, TruGuard anti climb products feature our efficient and secure component range and proprietary system of alignment to make installation super quick and easy whilst offering the best possible fit and function. While there are undoubtedly product benefits of TruGuard over its rivals, our service is also based on delivering high value to customers through our website, in-house technical support team and approved network of TruGuard partners.

Manufactured for reliability, we routinely and rigorously test each component and the complete system to ensure that TruGuard offers a robust performance in service and over a long period of time.

The use of alternative products to TruGuard such as barbed wire, razor tape, broken glass or the like, run the risk of falling foul of The Occupiers’ Liability Act 1984 and The Highways Act 1980. TruGuard is classed as non-injurious as it does not form any man traps and can be installed at heights much lower than these alternative methods of perimeter security without contravening legislation.

A measure of the product life, TruGuard is manufactured from a high tensile aluminium alloy that is highly resistant to most environments due to a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. Impermeable and unlike many other metals, the oxide layer adheres strongly to the parent metal and if mechanically damaged, will instantly self repair.

A measure of the durability of the system and its constituent parts, TruGuard is essentially, a maintenance-free system that does not require any protective coating and will not require any special cleaning schedule.

TruGuard anti climb products feature the distinctive interlocked ‘spurs’ which are the deterrent feature of the system. Manufactured by splitting a high tensile alloy tube, the proprietary process of manufacture not only creates the distinctive outline of the product but also work hardens the material further to achieve tensile strength figures beyond the standard range.

Perceived Quality
Reputation is the function of what we do and ultimately, how customers perceive our product and service. With over 100 years in the metal industry, we have also manufactured anti climb guards at our factory in Kent for over 15 years. While TruGuard may be a new name, it has been engineered as a new standard.



For commercial, industrial, utility, transport, prisons and schools or any location susceptible to trespass, vandalism or theft.


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