Truguard Anti Climb Security Fencing
Rotating Anti-climb Security System

Why choose us?

TruGuard makes perimeter security easy, preventing crime or delinquency by deterring the perpetrator or through its effectiveness as an unstable barrier to prevent any unauthorised access.

No one offers more help.Added to the functionality of the system itself, we pride ourselves on a service that is second to none. As a TruGuard customer you’ll have access to our in house technical support. Our team are experienced and highly trained, we continuously test your satisfaction and act on your feedback. No one offers more help.

Local expertise.
You can price a job with the minimum of information using our simple to use online calculator and can quickly convert your enquiry to an order online 24/7. However, we are a customer service business and do not believe in anonymous call centres. If you need to speak to our team, we are happy to help and will allocate an account manager to offer advice in a number of languages from native speakers, all based at our manufacturing location south of London.

Next day delivery.
We are a customer service business and are targeted to deliver your order in full and on time, typically despatching from stock the very next day with a delivery performance of 97.2%.

Tried and Trusted.
Whether you are experienced with the system or it’s new to you, TruGuard has been engineered for an easy, quick installation unrivalled by other systems. Supplied with comprehensive installation instructions, available to download from our website, you are joining a long list of users that have protected their property and premises with the TruGuard anti climb system.

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For commercial, industrial, utility, transport, prisons and schools or any location susceptible to trespass, vandalism or theft.


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